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Terms & Conditions

OGD Email Marketing Service Agreement 

Kindly read these Terms cautiously. By utilizing OGD Email Marketing or pursuing a record, you’re consenting to these Terms, which will bring about a legitimate arrangement between you and OGD Email Marketing which is called =>which is called => Agreement and OGD Email Marketing has workers, self-employed entities, and agents which is called => Our Team. As a client of the Service or an agent of an element that is a client of the Service, you’re not kidding as per this Agreement (or “you”). Additionally, note that a Member’s record might approach interesting elements of the Service dependent on their notable utilization or status. 

Additionally, note that a Member’s record might approach interesting provisions of the Service dependent on their notable use or status. 

These Terms including all our Policy, API Use Policy, Copyright and Trademark Policy, Data Processing, and Guidelines. which should acknowledge prior to utilizing 

our administration with the Agreement of our Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, If you don’t consent to these Terms you should quit utilizing our Service. 

We utilizes Google Maps, Google investigation and YouTube to give specific components of the Service, Therefore, you recognize and concur that by pursuing a record us, you are additionally limited by the Google Maps, Google examination and YouTube Terms of Service with Google Privacy Policy. 

On the off chance that you download the App on Google Play or other dispersion stage (“App Provider”), you recognize and concur that: 

1. these Terms are among us, and not with the App Provider, and that we are answerable for the Service, not the App Provider; 

2. the App Provider has no commitment to outfit upkeep and backing administrations or handle any guarantee claims; 

3. the App Provider isn’t answerable for tending to any cases you or any outsider have identifying with the App; and 

4. the App Provider is an outsider recipient of these Terms as identified with your utilization of the App, and the App Provider will reserve the privilege to uphold these Terms as identified with your utilization of the App against you. 

OGD Email Marketing is focused on regarding licensed innovation privileges. In the event that you recognize protected material that has a place with you presented without your consent on or sent through the administrations kindly follow the headings underneath to tell us. 

call, email us or follows us our social: 

Tel: +233248100617 

Facebook: @ogdwebhost

Account to be a Member

1. Before being a Member

you must:

be at least eighteen (16) years of age;
entire the account registration process;
agree to these Terms;
grant true, complete, and updated contact and billing information;

By signing up for an account you warrant that you meet all the necessities listed above, and that you won’t use the Service in a way that violates any legal guidelines or regulations. Note that by way of representing and warranting, you are making a legally enforceable promise.

OGD Email Marketing might also refuse service, shut money owed of any Members, and alternate eligibility necessities at any time.

2. Term

When you signal up for an account and agree to these Terms, the Agreement between you and OGD Email Marketing is formed, and the time period of the Agreement (the “Term”) will begin. The Term will proceed for as lengthy as you have an OGD Email Marketing account or till you or we terminate the Agreement in accordance with these Terms, whichever takes place first. If you signal up for an account on behalf of a organization or different entity, you characterize and warrant that you have the authority to be given these Terms and enter into the Agreement on its behalf. 

3. Closing Your Account

You or OGD Email Marketing may additionally terminate the Agreement at any time and for any motive by using terminating your OGD Email Marketing account or giving be aware to the different party. We may additionally droop the Service to you at any time, with or except cause. If we terminate your account barring cause, and your account is a paid account, we’ll refund a prorated component of any pay as you go quantities for the Service (including a Monthly Plan) or reimburse you for unused Pay as You Go Credits. We won’t refund or reimburse you in any different situation, such as if your account is suspended or terminated for cause, such as for a breach or violation of the Agreement. If your account is inactive for 24 or greater months, we may additionally terminate your account and you won’t be entitled to a refund for any pay as you go quantities or compensation for unused Pay as You Go Credits. Once your account is terminated, you renowned and agree that we may additionally completely delete your account and all the facts related with it, along with your Campaigns. Usernames are special and can solely be used once. If your account has been terminated, the username will no longer be handy for use on any future bills and can’t be reclaimed.

4. Changes

We may additionally alternate any of the Terms by means of posting revised Terms on our OGD Email Marketing Site. Unless you terminate your account, the new Terms will be fine straight away upon posting and observe to any persisted or new use of the Service. We might also trade the Service, Add-ons, or any facets of the Service at any time, and we may also discontinue the Service, Add-ons, or any aspects of the Service at any time.

5. Account and Password

You’re accountable for maintaining your account title and password confidential. You’re additionally accountable for any account that you have get entry to and any recreation taking place in such account (other than exercise that OGD Email Marketing is without delay accountable for that isn’t carried out in accordance with your instructions), whether or not or no longer you approved that activity. You’ll right away notify us of any unauthorized get right of entry to or use of your accounts. We’re no longer accountable for any losses due to stolen or hacked passwords. We don’t have to get right of entry to your modern password, and for protection reasons, we may additionally solely furnish you with directions on how to reset your password. We have the proper to replace any of your contact records in your account for billing purposes. In addition, you characterize and warrant that all data you supply to us when you set up an account, and when you get admission to and use the Service, is and will stay whole and accurate. We may additionally contact you, or any seat, licensed user, or login brought to your account, primarily based on the data furnished in your account. 

6. Account Disputes

We don’t comprehend the internal workings of your business enterprise or the nature of your private relationships. You won’t request get right of entry to to or records about an account that’s now not yours, and you’ll get to the bottom of any account-related disputes immediately with the different party. We determine who owns an account based totally on a range of factors, along with the content material in that account, and the contact and profile data listed for that account. In instances the place differing contact and profile records is current or we are unable to moderately determine ownership, we’ll require you to unravel the remember via acceptable channels backyard of OGD Email Marketing.

When a dispute is identified, we can also drop any account related to the dispute, such as disabling login and sending capabilities, to defend the safety and privateness of the facts held inside the account till the dispute is excellent resolved.

7. Account Billing

Payment is due right away after the date of the invoice. All repayments have to be in US dollars. The subscriber is accountable for offering updated charge information. OGD Email Marketing will no longer be held accountable ought to the subscriber’s fee statistics grow to be out-of-date.

If the fee is via credit score card, the subscriber authorizes OGD Email Marketing to cost the deposit card listed on the subscription structure for these fees for OGD Email Marketing offerings that may additionally accrue from month to month, or for any past-due balances, in order to carry the account to cutting-edge status. Credit card repayments will be billed and charged automatically, and OGD Email Marketing might also cost the quantity due to the supplied card at any time.

Accounts will be suspended when the invoice is due.

All files, data and mail underneath the account will be preserved for 20 days from the date the charge is due. If the charge is no longer obtained after 20 days, all files, records and mail underneath the account will be deleted. If the subscriber needs to use the carrier again, the subscriber should re-apply as a new subscriber.

8. Refunds

We’ll provide you a refund for a prorated element of any pay as you go quantities for the Service (including a Monthly Plan) or reimburse you for unused Pay as You Go Credits if we give up offering the Service and terminate your account barring cause. You won’t be entitled to a refund or credit score from us below any different circumstances. We may, at our sole discretion, provide a refund, bargain or credit.

9. Feedback and Proprietary Rights

We very own all proprietary rights in the Service and OGD Email Marketing Site, including, however now not restricted to, patents, trademarks, carrier marks, alternate secrets, copyrights, and different mental property rights. You will admire our proprietary rights in the Service and OGD Email Marketing Site, and you may also solely use our company property in accordance to our Brand Guidelines.

You shall keep all right, title, and pastime in and to the material, content, data, and data (including your private data and the private records of others) you post to OGD Email Marketing in the route of the usage of the Service or which OGD Email Marketing in any other case retrieves or accesses at your route or with your permission (collectively, your “Content”). Subject to these Terms, you furnish us permission to use or reveal your Content (including any private statistics therein) solely as fundamental to grant the Service to you and/or as in any other case authorised with the aid of these Terms. You characterize and warrant that:
(i) you personal or have in any other case bought all integral rights, releases, and permissions to post all your Content to the Service and to provide the rights granted to us in these Terms and

(ii) your Content and its submission and use as you authorize in these

Terms will now not violate

(1) any relevant law,
(2) any third-party mental property, privacy, publicity, or different rights, or
(3) any of your or third-party insurance policies or phrases governing your Content.

You might also grant or we can also ask you to furnish suggestions, comments, enter or different comments (“Feedback”) related to the Service. If you furnish us with any Feedback, then you supply us a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, sublicensable, and transferable license to use, reproduce, publicly display, distribute, modify, and publicly operate the Feedback as we see fit. Any Feedback you select to grant is given absolutely voluntarily. You apprehend that you will no longer get hold of any compensation for your Feedback, and that we may also use any Feedback you furnish to enhance the Service or to boost new points and services. 

10. Privacy Policy

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11. Common guidelines

By consenting to these Terms, you guarantee to keep these guidelines: 

You will not send spam! 

You will not utilize bought, leased, or outsider arrangements of email addresses. 

You’ll conform to our Acceptable Use Policy, which structures part of these Terms. 

On the off chance that you utilize our API, you’ll follow our API Use Policy, which structures part of these Terms. 

OGD Email Marketing doesn’t permit accounts that advance or affect hurt toward others or that advance biased, derisive, or annoying Content. To this end, we might suspend or end your record in the event that you send a Campaign, make or deal with a Site, or in any case disperse any Content that we decide, in our sole watchfulness, contains both of the accompanying: 

A Threat of Physical Harm. This implies any assertion, photo, ad, or other Content that in our sole judgment could be sensibly seen to undermine, advocate, or prompt actual damage to or savagery against others. 

Derisive Content. This implies any assertion, picture, photo, commercial, or other Content that in our sole judgment could be sensibly seen to hurt, undermine, advance the provocation of, advance the terrorizing of, advance the maltreatment of, or advance victimization others dependent on race, nationality, public beginning, sexual direction, sex, sex personality, strict alliance, age, inability, illness, or migration status. 

We additionally may suspend or end your record in the event that we decide, in our sole tact, that you are all things considered: 

an association that has freely expressed or recognized that its objectives, targets, positions, or establishing fundamentals incorporate articulations or rules that could be sensibly seen to advocate, energize, or support Hateful Content or A Threat of Physical Harm; 

an individual that has openly said something or proclamation, or in any case freely spread the word about a position, remembering by participation for an association as examined over, that could be sensibly seen as Hateful Content or A Threat of Physical Harm; or 

an individual or association that has acted in such a manner as could be sensibly seen to help, support, empower, or address Hateful Content or A Threat of Physical Harm. 

OGD Email Marketing likewise doesn’t permit the conveyance of Content that is, in our sole caution, substantially bogus, erroneous, or misdirecting in a way that could beguile or befuddle others about significant occasions, subjects, or conditions. 

Assuming you disregard any of these guidelines, we might give an admonition to, suspend, or end your record. 

12. Revealing Abuse 

On the off chance that you think anybody is disregarding any of these Terms, if it’s not too much trouble, advise us right away. In the event that you got spam you think came from an OGD Email Marketing Member, kindly report it to our Abuse Team. (Each email Campaign sent through the Service has an implanted mission following ID in the email header, making it simple to report presumed spam.) If you think anybody has posted material that abuses any ensured stamps or copyrights, then, at that point, you can advise us by means of the contact data given in our Copyright and Trademark Policy.

13. Obligation 

Impediment of Liability 

To the greatest degree allowed by law, you recognize and concur that (I) you accept full accountability for any misfortune that outcomes from your utilization of the Service, including any downloads from the Mailchimp Site; (ii) we and our Team will not be obligated for any backhanded, correctional, uncommon, or weighty harms under any conditions, regardless of whether they’re founded on carelessness or we’ve been educated concerning the chance of those harms; and (iii) in any schedule month, our complete risk to you emerging under or regarding the Agreement—whether in agreement, misdeed (counting carelessness), break of legal obligation, or if not—will be close to what you paid us for the Service the first month. 

For the aversion of uncertainty, in no occasion will we or our Team be responsible for any misfortunes or harms you endure on the off chance that you utilize the Service infringing upon these Terms, whether or not we end or suspend your record because of such infringement. 

14 No Warranties 

To the greatest degree allowed by law, we offer the Support with no guarantees. This implies that, besides as explicitly expressed in these Terms, we don’t give guarantees, conditions, or endeavors of any sort comparable to the Service, either express or inferred. This incorporates, yet isn’t restricted to, guarantees of merchantability and qualification for a specific reason, which are, to the furthest reaches allowed by law, barred from the Agreement. Since Members utilize the Service for an assortment of reasons, we can’t ensure that it’ll meet your particular necessities. 

15 Indemnity 

You consent to repay and hold us and our Team innocuous from any misfortunes, including legitimate charges and costs that straightforwardly or in a roundabout way result from any cases you make that aren’t permitted under these Terms due to a “Impediment of Liability” or other arrangement. (Repayment is a consent to remunerate somebody for a misfortune.) You additionally consent to reimburse and hold us innocuous from any misfortunes, including legitimate charges and costs, that straightforwardly or in a roundabout way result from (I) your Content, Campaigns, or Sites, (ii) your utilization of the Service, (iii) your infringement of any laws or guidelines, (iv) outsider cases that you or somebody utilizing your secret key accomplished something that, assuming valid, would disregard any of these Terms, (v) any distortions made by you, or (vi) a break of any portrayals or guarantees you’ve made to us.

16 Equitable Relief 

Your infringement of these Terms might make unsalvageable mischief us and our Team. Thusly, we reserve the option to look for injunctive alleviation or other fair help in the event that you disregard these Terms (which means we might demand a court request to stop you). 

17 Court Fees 

On the off chance that we need to give data because of a court request, or other lawful, legislative, or administrative request identified with your record, then, at that point, we might charge you for our expenses. These expenses might incorporate lawyer and worker time spent recovering the records, getting ready reports, and taking an interest in an affidavit. 

18 Disclaimers 

We and our Team aren’t liable for the conduct of any outsiders, organizations, connected sites, or different Members, including outsider applications, items, or administrations for use regarding the Service (each, a “Outsider Integration”). Your utilization of any Third-Party Integration and privileges regarding such Third-Party Integration are exclusively among you and the pertinent outsider. We are not answerable for the protection, security or honesty of any Third-Party Integration or the practices and arrangements of any Third-Party Integration. We make no guarantees of any sort and expect no risk of any sort for your utilization of any Third-Party Integration. 

A debt of gratitude is in order for setting aside the effort to find out with regards to OGD Email Marketing’s strategies.

Created October 21, 2021.